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Bea van der Zwaag

My name is Bea van der Zwaag.

The face behind Finalbyte Web Design

Born and raised in Holland, I lived in Germany and the UK for many years before landing in Ireland with my partner on a frosty day in February, 1991. We dreamed of “the good life” (remember the TV series ?) – but excessive rain and rabbits soon put an end to that.

I have been working in IT since 1987. My first job was as a junior mainframe programmer working for Habitat in the UK, to my last job working as a team leader for an IT outsourcing company in Limerick until 2003. My career in IT included working for other blue chip companies, such as Mothercare, Honeywell and Wang.

I clocked out as an employee for the last time in February 2003 and launched Finalbyte Web Design in March 2003.

My aim is to give individuals and organisations an online presence which reflects who they are and what they do.

Find out how I can help improve your online presence